Wow so I found this old account scribbled on a piece of paper somewhere and had to come check out my old comments, friends, fic, and just everything! It is so weird when you look back at something you spent so much time on when you were younger and tbh, a little shit! I MEAN I WAS SUCH A FUCKING BABY TROLL! At least from what I remember! I don't think it was in a mean way, just an "annoying the shit out of everyone" way!

One thing I see hasn't changed are the people! I used this blog back when I was in the Supernatural fandom(hi old friends!) and I was a 14 year old girl who was just discovering fandoms and ships and all the great stuff that that entails ;} It really did shape me, and I believe in a great way, because I could've been out doing shitty things but no I was here, reading J2, drarry and...other things haha!

I see most of you are still active in the Spn fandom which makes me incredibly happy for some reason! I, sadly, moved on to Merlin and I love the show so much, even though I also hate it with every fiber of my being!

Anyways, I'm 19 now. I still don't know what I want in life but that's ok.

Looking back at this time in my life kind of messes with me but I also remember how happy I was to finally find something I loved and more importantly, something and some people who helped me shape my beliefs. Most likely no one will read this, which is ok, because it's mostly for me, but it's here and that makes me so happy!

Personal help in life!!!!! AKA CALLING ALL EUROPEANS!

Hey guys so as you may know I'm in my junior year of high school here int he U.S.
My friend and I said it'd be cool to move to london after high school and attend university/college over there. The one we have an eye on is the unversity of winchester(there's a reason we picked this!!). Basically I'm freaking out because it got serious and I really want to do it but I have no idea what to do!
Its basically like jumping off a solid structure I've been living on my whole 17 years and right into different laws, culture, a whole new world basically!
That's why I'm asking you guys! What's the biggest thing over there? How are the schools? Would it be worth it? Idk anything that's worth mentioning!
I need you're experience/opinions friends! Thank you all in advance!

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Other account

Hey guys I got my A03 invitation! I'm not sure how that works yet but if u guys have one leave me a message here! Can u friend ppl our follow them on there? My username is vanay14. Not 67!!! I'm still regularly using this account so no worries!

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I NEED UR HELP(with book recs)

Hey guys! Id really really really appreciate it if you guys would rec me some book suggestions. I have to pick a book for my junior research essay with will also b my graduation project :'(
Basically any book thts a good reading level and would have good topics to right about. As in controversial topics, philosophical essays, or just book suggestion! Or just any books tht made u think, cry bcuz of an injustice, anythong!
PLEASE GUYS! I need to pick a book by 2morrow and I'm probably the most indecisive person ever!

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thank you!!

Look guys look! Look at my beautiful new icon! My amazing friend Raagnaya drew me in winter cibi form! But thts not all! Then he turned it into my new icon! *stares*
Thank you bebe! Its like its almost my bday *wink wink*

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So...I went to the orthodontist today. My parents have finally decided tht I should get braces. So I'm gonna b the almost 17 yr old with braces :-\
I mean my teeth aren't even tht bad! All tht really bothers me is the huge gap I have but I heard its a fashion in britain!
So yeah...braces on November 1st o_O
I'm scared

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Crappiness at the worst time

So todays suppose to be a happy excited day!! Yay! While I an some what excited there's a big part of me that feels like crap.

I'm talking sore throat, rolling stomach, and waking up in the morning nauseous!Nausa is horrible ppl!

On top of all that I can feel a headache formimg :-\

Sadly, in an hour I need to go to school. I mean I can't even skip because 1) This weeks spirit week and juniors have to dress in 80's fashion :-D all my hard(if you call 1hr of preparation hard work) would b for nothing and 2) most importantly I have a chem lab today! Which means if I miss it I have to write a three page essay! No thank you! And shit...I just remembererd since I dnt have a studyhall I cnt work on my ap us outline! Which means Ill be doing tht for most of my day o_O

So yeah...mayb ill feel better in the nxt hr, mayb not. I'm still as excited as I can b! I cnt wait till 9 EVEN THOUGH ITS SUCH A LONG TIME FROM NOW! I cnt even think in tht right now! Ugh...

Wanna try making me feel better? Haha :'(
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So hey Guys!! I have a question that I probably shouldve asked first thing. Here it goes.
How do you make friends on this cite? Does everyone know eachother? Is it like Facebook?
I noticed it would be pretty awesome to make friends and get to know ppl tht love the same things as me!
So yeah...basically I wanted to know. Is there like rules to lj or is it random? Please dnt be afraid to comment I dont bite! I love new ppl and will nvr judge! If ya'll ever want to randomly talk then go ahead! Anything! Im randomley here....if u want someone who doesnt judge or will just listen!
-Vanessa J

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